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Bangsar Pasar Malam RelocatedSunday, February 4, 2007
The pasar malam in Bangsar Baru has been relocated following the opening of Bangsar Village II on the 25 January 2007. Bangsar's pasar malam has been around for quite a number of years now. It used to be located at Jalan Telawi 1, Telawi 3, and Telawi 5. However to create a better flow of traffic in Bangsar and easy accessibility to Bangsar ... Read Article

Bangsar Village IIFriday, January 26, 2007
Bangsar Village II is now open! We had a chance to walk through the complex when it opened yesterday (25th January 2007) and was gladly greeted with nice wonderful shops for all kinds of shoppers! A quick look at the outside of the building just does not give you an idea of how many shops can fill this 5 story building. You’ll be amazed. Just for... Read Article

Bangsar Baru Towards Zero CrimeMonday, December 18, 2006
A Healthy and Fun Day in Bangsar for all was organised by Bangsar Baru Residents Association (BBRA), Bangsar Baru Business Council (BBB), Brickfields Police Division and Member of Parliament, Lembah Pantai on the 17 December 2006 The launch which was held in front of Pondok Polis, Jalan Telawi Empat Bangsar Baru at 8:15pm was officiated by YB Dat... Read Article

Bangsar getting a little too commercial?Wednesday, November 22, 2006
A lot of you would have this question in mind, especially with the latest news about traffic nightmares in and around Bangsar. Everyone knows that coming to Bangsar and hunting for a parking lot around Telawi area is like a form of gambling in itself. Apart from the massive traffic of cars running through the roads trying to get from Point A to Poi... Read Article

Lorong Ara Kiri - Now a Private Road?Friday, October 13, 2006
"Lorong Ara Kiri – Now a Private Road? Since when?"… This must be the most asked question these days after the Asia Park has erected and started charging people for parking on the piece of land infront of our infamous TMC (Teng Mini Market) since beginning of October 2006. Officially as reported by The Star on Oct 6 2006, Perdadanan Pengurus... Read Article


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