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Polling Station - Online Polls Welcome to Bangsar.net.my's Polling Station! Listed below are the some of the Polls that are currently online. Please feel free to VOTE in any of the listed topics as well as VIEW their respective results. Now what better way is there to see what Web Surfers to Bangsar.net.my thinks of various issues ?

Status Online Polling Name Action Start Finish
Open for Voting Preferred Internet Service Provider Vote | View Result 4 December 2009 -
Open for Voting Bangsar Village II Vote | View Result 11 July 2007 -
Open for Voting Pasar Malam Vote | View Result 16 June 2006 -
Open for Voting Traffic situation in Bangsar Vote | View Result 11 March 2005 -
Open for Voting What do you like about Bangsar? Vote | View Result 19 April 2004 -
Open for Voting What do you think of developments in Bangsar? Vote | View Result 22 February 2004 -
Open for Voting Do you feel safe in Bangsar? Vote | View Result 18 December 2003 -

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If there are any issues or questions that you wish to be polled here, then please Write to Us and let us know what questions you would like to ask as well as what answers/options you would like to accompany the questions.

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